September 05, 2019

Common mistakes to avoid when job hunting

We all know that job searching is a rollercoaster, emotionally, and physically. If you have been searching for your first or next job there will be times where you will find yourself closed to giving up- nothing that actually catches your attention is coming up, you're not hearing from the positions you applied for, you start to ask yourself if you're even qualified.

I get it, we have all been there. And while this process is hard and at times confusing there are still some things we do without even noticing that make it even harder. Here's what to avoid while job searching.

Mistakes To Avoid While Job Searching

1. Forgetting to Search The Company Before Applying

We have all been there when we finally find a job post that seems to be right up our alley and suddenly we feel the need to hit "apply" without doing any research first. DON'T.
It's great to find those jobs that seem to be the right fit based on the description, but why rush?

What to do instead;

  • Go to the Company's website- look at the "About US" page, the "Careers Page", "Values" page, what they stand for & who they represent. 
  • Search the Company on LinkedIn
  • Search the Company on Glassdoor.com- what are the reviews, what are past employees saying
  • Search the Role- Search the hiring manager (if possible) or HR person
We have all done it, we are tired of looking and searching and when we finally come across a position that seems great, we think we need to act too quickly before it disappears- make sure you take your time doing your research and make sure this company aligns with who you are and where you are trying to go. 

Remember- if you found that position that seemed great, there are other ones out there as well. Do not rush. 

2. Forgetting to Search The Salary Range

Money and Salary are some of the toughest topics out there. Women earn around 79 cents to every $1 dollar men do. Men negotiate their salary more times than women do, and the list goes on and on. 

One of the main mistakes we often make is going into the search blindfolded, we know we want better pay than what we are currently making, but we don't do our research before job searching which turns into asking less than what we actually deserve.  Before you start applying for jobs, make sure you search the salary range for that position. 

Job search websites have the filtering option to let you filter the salary range so you know you are filtering out any positions that make the same or less than what you are currently making. The next thing to do is, figure out how much that position makes in your city and the company you are going to apply for.

Make sure you search through different websites and come up with different salary ranges, this will give you different options when talking to HR and negotiating your Salary. 

Salary Information Websites

The common mistakes to avoid when searching for your next job

3. Applying Just To Apply

When you have been in the job search market for a while you start to get frustrated and at times will start to apply to the first position that you see. LET'S AVOID THAT.

The last thing you want to do is apply for a job, get an interview request to just realize this is something you don't even want because it does not pay right, you're overqualified, and it's really not what you want to be doing.

When you are searching for your next job make sure the job descriptions hit all or at least most of the things you need and want. The last thing you want to do is settle for something less, this will put you in the same position you are right now in under a year. 

4. Not Identifying Your Wants & Needs

One of the main things you should have with you while job searching is your needs and wants lists. These lists will have everything from salary, to culture, to management style, to commute time/distance, etc. Forgetting to create these lists before you jump into the job searching process will have you settling for the first thing you find, to avoid that- make your lists BEFORE you begin job searching.

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5. Under-Valuing Your Worth

Similar to the first mistake- when job searching you can easily under-value your worth because you are so focused on getting paid just a bit more that you forget to realize that even that bump in salary is still way less than what you deserve.

To determine your worth, make a list of the following;

  • Your Experience
  • Your work Ethic
  • Your Knowledge/Skills
  • Your dedication/Passion
  • Your connections
All of these points represent you're worth it. Before you start your job searching make sure you're clear on what these points represent in terms of numbers. Make sure you have a list of all of your accomplishments, this will not only help you during the interview but also it will help you remember your worth and everything you have accomplished in your career and why you should be getting paid what you are worth.

Avoid these 5 mistakes when searching for your next job

The job search process can definitely take a troll on you which can lead to a lot of mistakes. To ensure you are making the least mistakes possible during this process and only applying to the jobs that best align with you and where you are trying to be- take your time during this process. Avoid spending unnecessary time reading a job post, avoid applying just to apply, and avoid applying without doing some research first.

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