A|T Finances was created as a platform to help the Millennial Women to take control of their Finances and reach Financial Freedom. Our purpose is to guide the everyday woman like yourself on the right path, to help you become debt-free, save money, and build wealth while also letting you be your best self. Because you work hard for this.

This blog is also here to help you achieve greatness in any way it can. With that, I'm here to push you to want more, be more, see more. Why? Because you deserve it...
Every #bossbabe deserves to have someone in their corner pushing them to want more.  I'm that someone. I created this platform to help women with their money and their careers.

This platform was created as a place where you can feel confident you will find factual money tips and advice. A place where you will leave inspired. A place to help you grow. 

I do this by bringing you content I genuinely believe will help you during your journey.

I'm Ambar T, the founder, and creator of A|T Finances.net (the blog) and A|T Finances (A Personal Finance Coaching Service)
I'm a first-generation college graduate, I'm in my mid-20s and I'm currently a Compliance Analyst professional at a Mutual Fund Company by day (think regulations, research, fraud prevention, etc). 
I'm currently in my journey of becoming debt-free paying off over $23k of student loans, I have successfully paid off over $13k in 9 months while also saving and investing.
I am a Latina woman that loves to teach and uplift her community, I'm driven by ambition and believe the sky is the limit. I love to help, inspire, and make a difference (hence why I started a blog). 

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