April 11, 2019

the top 6 steps to follow when applying for a job

After you have found the job that you believe is right for you, it's time to send in your application and aim to get an interview. But, before you hit "submit" there are a couple of things you need to do first to make sure your information is accurate and gets picked up by the application system and the hiring manager. 

Here Are The 6 Steps To The Application Process 


Before you start filling out the application, give yourself 5 minutes, and re-read the job description. Taking the time to read these paragraphs again will confirm if this is, in fact, a job that you will see yourself doing. Sometimes when job searching, we missed key points when reading a job post. Giving yourself some time to read it again, will ensure you are applying to a job that is right for you.

Not sure if the Job is right for you? Ask yourself these questions ...

  1. Do I see myself doing these tasks on a daily basis?
  2. Based on this description, will I be challenged in this position?
  3. Do I see myself doing this long term?
  4. Am I excited to be part of something like this?
  5. Am I being realistic?
  6. Am I rushing myself if I applied for this job?

When reading the description, read the job tasks first and skip the company's description last. You need to determine if these are things you would want to be doing and since you are ready to apply it means you already qualified. Then move on to the requirements/qualifications and last to the company's description.

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This is the time where you do your quick homework; you should check the company's website before you apply, research their mission and values and confirm they ally with yours and if this is actually a place you will like to work at.

Also, keep this in mind when you are writing your cover letter. You should also review the company's job and career sections on their website for an insight job opening, as their website might show more openings than the other sites.


Many jobs have certain requirements when applying for their jobs- make sure you are reading ALL of them before submitting your applications. Missing one little thing can be the reason why your application was not even looked at.

Look out for the last paragraphs on the job post, these are usually the last 1-2 sentences in the description.

TIP: Pay attention to "close date". You cannot apply to a position after this date, if you do, your application will not be looked at.
the top steps to applying to a job


Before you start filling out the application or even creating any accounts for the sites, make sure your resume has been edited for that particular job. When trying to match your resume to the job, make sure you include keywords and skills from the job description and the qualifications section.

Matching your resume to the job will increase the chances of your resume being picked up by the application system.

Want to get a head start? Grab my Resume template HERE.


Not all jobs ask for a cover letter, but most of them do. Before you start plugging in your personal information to a company's website, make sure you have all of your ducks in a roll- including your tailored cover letter.


Now that you have everything you need its time to actually "apply" and answer all of their questions, but before you are ready to hit submit, there are still few points to keep in mind;

  1. Don't leave sections incomplete.
  2. Ensure your LinkedIn is in good order. 
  3. Have your references in order.
  4. Know your interview availability. 
  5. Have all of your info on hand (salary, employment history, etc)
  6. Review and double-check everything before hitting Submit. Once it's submitted there's no coming back. 
the top steps that you need to follow when applying for a job

Now that we have talked about the things to keep in mind when applying for your next job is time to get organized. This comes into place when you're applying for more than one job at a time (which you should be doing) BUT also not more than 5 at a time.

Don't apply to hundreds of jobs at a time unless you have already heard from some of them, gone in for an interview and didn't work out, OR some time has passed and has received no answer. The last thing you want to do is apply to so many jobs and not be able to attend the interviews.

TIP: Only apply to jobs that actually meet your requirements, align with what you are trying to do, and you are excited to be part of.

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Applying for a job is not just about hitting submit and hoping for the best. To be able to get the best out of your job search process and the application you should take advantage of these 6 steps.

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