July 03, 2017

what you need to know about negotiating your next salary

Here it is, one of the things I wish someone would have taught me before I entered the corporate world, heck I wish I knew this while I was still in college working the underpaid and overworked job. I can say at least I'm happy I've learned these things before it was a little too late.

While watching One Day at a Time on Netflix, in one of the episodes the main character finds out her co-worker (a man) makes more money than her even though he has been working with them for a very short time. Later in the episode, she finds out why. She didn't negotiate her salary, while on the other hand, he did.

I was shocked by how the storyline for this episode was so similar to what I was struggling with only days before. So today I'm bringing you what I had to learn in matters of days because nobody ever taught me how to do it. And you would think you pay so much money to get a degree, the least they can do is teach you is how to ask for more money so you can pay for that degree back... but they don't.


what you need to know about negotiating salary

How to NEGOTIATE your salary

This was in fact what I had NO idea how to do. To be honest I've always thought that if I was to ever do that, then just maybe they would end up not giving me the job. The first thing is first if you got an offer it's simply because they want you. You passed the interviews, met with so many people, and SOLD yourself the best way possible, and it paid off. Secondly, if you want the job let HR know you will continue with the hiring process and WAIT until you have all of the paperwork to start your research and negotiating.

Start with reading what they are offering; benefits, hours, overtime, opportunities, and so on. Move on to writing down what YOU have to offer; a degree, experience, knowledge and so on. Continue with what you're giving up. Do you have to move? Travel? Leave a company and join a new one? Leaving behind bonuses? AND most importantly, are you leaving your job because you want to? because you need to? or because you simply need a new job and this is the only offer?

I said these are the most important questions because these are things you need to put into consideration. You don't want to start asking for more money when you need an income fast, and you also don't want to jump into the first ship just because things are not perfect at your current job.

what you need to know about negotiating salary

Lastly, do your research- How much are others getting paid in this position/job? This was the hardest part for me because I was applying to a new company and a new position and I wasn't sure how much people were making. I wasn't sure if what they were offering me was what they were paying others. And I didn't know exactly how to ask or who to ask.

This is where the research comes into play, Google is your best friend for this, just search for the company and position title and information starts to pop up. I also found the payscale salary survey while I was doing my research on how to negotiate. This asks certain questions to help you determine how much others are making in the same position and it compares it to what you say you've been offered.

Why is it important to negotiate your salary? 

It is a known fact that men get paid more than women do, it does not matter how much you prove your worth in this world women will always have to work twice as much than a man and still make less.

Most companies are willing to pay you more than what they are offering, you just need to ask.

You want to ensure you're getting paid what you deserve and what you're worth. Especially if you know you are bringing so much more to the table (and I'm not talking only about experience-wise, but your hard work and dedication) Not to mention the degree you are most likely still paying back.

It's a known fact that men negotiate their salary more than women. It is also a fact that recent grads don't negotiate at all, why? BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO! and just want to secure that first job. Salary yearly increase is only 2%-3%,  and promotions are only 8%-12% (variation base on companies). You don't want to be stuck in a job you've been working your ass off and realized later on inline others are being paid more than you, and one of those reasons is because they asked and YOU DIDN'T.

How to Negotiate your salary

After you have done all of your research, asked all of the questions you have, go for it. Negotiate that salary, ask for more pay but a REASONABLE pay.

Be aware that you might be asked to provide the amount you want and why you think you deserve it. Make sure you know the answers to ALL of these questions and that you answer professionally. Lastly, make sure that if you don't get all of the money you asked for or are unable to negotiate the salary you can live with that or simply walk away from it.

Seek a mentor, ask someone in a higher position for tips or to help you answer certain questions you might have. I highly advise you to ask someone that has been in this position before for some advice, because if you have a bunch of questions you don't have the answers to, most likely this person has the answers.

If this is someone that it's in a higher position than you (a manager, supervisor, etc) and you feel comfortable asking for advice GO FOR IT. I reached out to my VP (a female in a higher position) for some advice, I did this for few different reasons but one of them was because I thought, for her to get where she is at right now, she had to start where I'm at... And I was right.

Remember to ask questions like;
Is there room to negotiate the salary?
By when do you need my answer? (to accept or decline the offer)
Is there room to grow in the company?
What other programs/ benefits do you offer?

I've written this post to only bring to you what I didn't know and had to learn in a matter of two days. This is based on my own research, different conversations, and advice given to me.

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Articles I read while doing my research Payscale.com, thebalance.com

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  1. This is fantastic.

    I would have literally never ever even thought of the idea of asking.
    i'm so impressed ~ you need to mentor me in your #girlboss ways !

    thanks for the top tip,

    tea x x

    1. Girl stop it, thank you! I'm here to help anytime you need it! - Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Such a great post! Thank you so much for sharing :) It's SO important to negotiate your salary!

    xo, Taylor (thesprinkle.tayloramead.com)

    1. It is really is, and so many people don't know the importance behind it. Thanks for stopping by lovely!


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