January 09, 2019

The New Year is by far the most perfect time to start fresh and take over the world- this also includes your career and accomplishing everything you didn't the year before. There are many things you can do during this time to help your career and take advantage of the new beginning, today I'll be sharing the top 5 ways you can use this new year to help your career and make your dreams into reality.

5 Ways To Use This New Year To Help Your Career 

1. Do A Career Evaluation

A New Year is a perfect time for a Career Evaluation. Looking at the New Year as a blank slate/a blank canvas is the foot in the right direction to be able to start making your career goals a reality, but before you start making any moves, you need to know where the problem lies to be able to make the change. Here is where the Career Evaluation comes into place.

A Career Evaluation will identify everything that no longer works for you, it will identify the type of job and career that fits not only your financial needs but your emotional needs as well. A career evaluation will determine the career that fits your lifestyle, skills, and personality based on what works for you- and only you.

A Career Evaluation will clear things up for you and point you in the right direction, it will help you see the things that you want from your career based on the things that you are good on and so on.

Want to start right now? Grab my "Find The Best Career For You" Career Evaluation Workbook.

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career and job questions for a job evaluation to find the career for you


2. Job Search

The New Year is a great time for job searching. After all of the festivities and holidays are over everyone is finally back in the office, which means recruiters are back to answering emails and setting up a time for interviews. The New Year is also the perfect time to search for a job because people want change- which means people had left their jobs by the end of the previous year and now companies are open to fill up those positions.

Another reason is money- by the New Year companies have paid out their end of year bonuses and have also received their new budgets which means by now they know how much they can spend on new hires.

If you started your job search during Q4 but didn't see much movement out there, don't get discouraged, with the new year comes new job posting- which means lots and lots of job opportunities.

3. Define Your Career Goals

What's a New Year without goals, right? The New Year brings in the opportunity of expanding your career and getting closer to your goals. Treat the New Year as a way to accomplish new goals and refine the ones that you didn't achieve the year before.

Create goals not only around your career but also around your team or company. Write down the top goals you want to accomplish this year within your team or company, once you have those figure out, share them with your manager to figure out how they could help- this should help them find ways to help you achieve them.

how to use the new year to help advance your career

4. Make A Plan

What is a goal without a plan to execute and make it a reality? When creating your plan make sure you are creating reasonable plans, avoid over planning, and overscheduling- things will never get done. When planning make sure to give yourself achievable target dates. Create daily small tasks/plans around the bigger goal(s) to help you achieve them faster.

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Actionable
R- Realistic
T- Time-bound

When planning make sure to define those that could help you achieve your goals and how they can. Under each goal create a list of what you will need to do (steps to take) to be able to accomplish it and go from there.

TIP: Use the first week of the year or the first month to get all of your planning and drafting done at least for the first two to three months. January is usually the time when people are more active to get things done so this will be a great time to get everything down and start getting things off your list.

5. Do More

A New Year means new projects. Everything that was postponed or moved for the new year will begin to roll its head over once the new year kicks in. This is your time to raise your hand and ask for more work, more responsibilities, more challenges.

Ask for work that will challenge you and show off your skills. The type of work or projects that will get you noticed and take you one step closer to getting that promotion or raised that you have been asking for because you deserve it.

The New Year is all about making it whatever you want, however, a lot can happen/change over the course of a year, the best way to take advantage of the new start is by taking control of your career and using the motivation that the new year brings to advance your career.

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