December 13, 2018

9 things you could do right now to better your career

We often get so caught up on all of the things we need to do in the future to better our careers that we forget to think of the now… the present. We are so caught on where we want to be that we lose track of the things that we can be doing today to get there. There are so many simple things that you could be doing at this very moment that will put your one-step closer to your career goal.

So today I’ll be sharing 9 things that you can do today to help your career… and you can start doing them as soon as... RIGHT NOW!

9 Things To Do Today That Will Help You Better Your Career

1. Do A Career Evaluation

- To be able to know where we should go next and be able to identify where the problem lies. The first thing you should do is an evaluation... A career evaluation. The right evaluation will ask the questions that will help you define your next step and the steps that need to be taken to make it happen.

Ask yourself:
What exactly do I want? Short term? Long term?
Do I see myself doing this next year?

The right evaluation will take time, but the results will leave you with a clear answer and understanding of which path to take to move forward.

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2. Find A Mentor/ Be A Mentor

-A mentor will be someone that you could talk to about your career, this person will not only be someone that you will be able to talk to, but also someone that will listen, give advice, and guide you. A mentor is also someone that can motivate you and inspire you. This person can also open possibilities for you and expand your network.


Be the mentor.
The fact that you already have all of this knowledge and advice that you can give someone that is in the earlier stages of their career is the main reason why you should consider being a mentor. But in case you are wondering how this will help your career…. Here’s how... 
While helping this person and talking to this person you will not only be helping them, but they will be helping you. A mentorship relationship is a TWO WAY STREET. Being able to exchange ideas, advice, and talks, in general, will not only help the mentee but also you. 

3. Take A Class/ Course/Additional Training

-Taking a class or course is the perfect example of expanding your knowledge/education and your career without having to go back to school or having to invest too much money. The perfect time to take a class about a topic you have been eyeing and thinking about is when you are trying to expand your career.

Taking a course or additional training to expand your skills will give you that extra advantage on others when job searching. Being able to add that extra skill or class to your resume will come into play when applying for the job of your dreams.

TIP: Take advantage of any free courses or training your current job offers. 

4. Get A Certificate

-Getting a certificate can often work as getting that second degree (or first one) without actually having the title. A certificate has the possibility of opening doors for the job or career that you have been working towards.  A certificate is also a good way to earn additional education and credits on certain topics without having to go back to school full time. Also, getting a certification will only cost you 1/3 of what going back to school would. Other benefits of getting a professional certificate- you can get specialized knowledge and skill set. 

TIP: Look into which certificates your company will pay for. Many companies offer certificate/school reimbursement and/or free classes.  

5. Go Back To School

-Going back to school might not be the cheapest option, but it can definitely be one of the most effective ones. Getting ahead in your education can open a lot of doors. It can also be what is currently stopping you from making the career change since some careers do require certain degrees.

6. Read Books

-Reading a book will not only expand your knowledge but also bring inspiration. There are millions of great books out there that can help you through every step of your career as well as your personal life.

If you believe you can teach yourself something, you can definitely do it by reading a book and putting in the work.

Types of books to read:
1. Personal development
2. Career development
3. Educational books
4. How-to books
5. Inspirational books

things you can do right now to help you career

7. Network

- "It's not always what you know but WHO you know"- and that my friend is the reason why networking is KEY. 

The professional world revolves around who knows who, and not just who you know, but who you are leveraging. There's only so much you could do with a list of people "you know". To be able to help your career you need to actually use your network. And if you don't have one, you need to start today! 

Where to start?
-Attend networking events 
-Attend a conference
-Reach out to former coworkers/bosses

8. Podcast/Ted Talks/Webinars

- Listening to a podcast has always inspired me to do more and be more, and the same goes for ted talks and webinars. Watch career development ted talks, listen to podcasts while at work, or on your commute. There is so much free information out there, why not take advantage of it to better your career?

9. Take a Vacation

- Lastly on the list is taking a VACATION. 
We work so hard on and off our 9-5 that we get worn-out, uninspired, and just tired, this is where a vacation comes into play. Taking a vacation will restart your mind and give you the energy you been missing.

Taking some time off to relax and enjoy yourself will not only relax your body and mind but it also motivates you to work hard- why? Because you would want to take another one so soon, you will return to work with so much energy to make shit happens... and that's a fact. Taking a vacation will also restart your mind. People often accomplish great things once they are back from vacation because they are able to become one with themselves and their ideas and goals, having that energy to just start and get it done.

When it comes to helping our career we often want to do it all and sure we can, but not all at once. Start off with one of these to ensure you are getting the best results out of it. Once you have mastered or it has served it's purposed, move on to the next one. You don't need to do it all at once or think you need to spend thousands of dollars to be able to better yourself and help your career. You have all you need at the palm of your hands, start today, start now, and help yourself get closer to your goals. 

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