February 01, 2018

the top 9 advice for the ambitious women that want to make it up the latter
There's no better feeling than knowing you have people in your corner that have your back, those are the people that check on you, push you, hold you accountable, and celebrate your wins with you. These type of people are usually family members, close friends, your partner, etc, but it's an amazing feeling when you are also able to come across these people while you're on your career journey. 

Throughout my professional career, I've been beyond blessed to have come across some genuinely amazing people that have had my best interest, and throughout the years I have taken their pieces of advice as guidelines and inspiration to work harder and better myself. Today I'll be sharing with you the top 9 advice I have received throughout my career that has inspired me to work harder every day. The ones I believe every ambitious woman should hear at some point in her career.

"Step out of your comfort zone"
I can't tell you how many times I have heard this advice throughout my career. As an introvert/quiet/shy and pretty much all to myself personally, it has always been a challenge for me to step away from my comfortability, and although it's one of the hardest things for me to do it is definitely one of the most rewarding ones.

Why is that?
Because those that don't step outside don't move up! 
I have always appreciated this advice, because the goal is to constantly continue to grow, and we can definitely outgrow a stage that at some point terrified us but only when we leave behind our safety net.  So when I'm told to step away from my comfort zone I don't take it as I'm not growing, but rather as I have grown my current stage and need to move up to what's next.

"If you feel like you've outgrown the position/job and you're not getting what you want. Move on to something else".
 I've heard this from several of my former managers and I couldn't agree more with it. You should never feel like you owe your current job any type of commitment if you're not getting what you want or deserve.  If you are no longer being challenged or at least not challenged enough and you know you deserve more but unfortunately you are not receiving it, it's time to move on. No matter how much you like the people, or even love the job, if you're not being appreciated and they don't recognize your worth- keep it pushing.

"Always think about what works best for you. In the now and for the future."
 This comes back to not owning your job or anyone any commitment. Always do things that will benefit you, not only in the right now but also in the near future. Whenever you are making a decision not only for your career but your personal life as well, remember to put yourself first, to weight out ALL of your options and go with what works for you regardless of what everyone advises or tells you. You're the one that will have to live with any decision you make. 

"Have tunnel vision of where you want to go next. Identify who has the position you want and learn from them"
We all know the saying "having tunnel vision" which mean to stay focus. But where this advice stands out is in the part of identifying/knowing exactly what you next and learning from that person to help you achieve your goal. If your goal is to get a promotion that will move you up to another level, the tunnel vision has to be not only on the promotion but also on the person that currently holds the same or similar position that you want. By learning from this person you are learning the skills that have helped him/her get where they are- which is the same skills you want to learn to get where you want to be.

top career advice for women

"Work like you already have the position you want".
This goes back to the previous advice, you have to work harder than what your current position asks you. If you are already working as a leader, manager, a boss then you are showing your manager you have the skills to move up. In a way is like you're manifesting you are already in that position (if you believe in manifesting/putting things into existing)

"Step up and ask for more, not just be led".
When we get stuck in our comfortable spot we are being led. Yes, we do a great job of getting things done but you're not taking the initiative. To be able to stand out in a team, to your manager/s you have to do more than just what it's being asked of you. You have to be able to raise your hand and ask for more to be able to stand out and show what you are capable of doing. 

"Don't be afraid to apply for a higher position."
Everything comes back to stepping outside of your comfort zone. This applies more when we are applying for a job, but usually, we always go for what we are almost certain we would get. Is good to apply for other positions we might or might not yet, especially those that are only a level above your current position.

What is the worse that can happen when you apply for that position?
You don't get it? You lack some of the requirements? Which is perfectly okay, at least you went for something and proved that even though you might lack certain requirements you are on the right path.

"It's not always how it's said but how it's received."
You know the saying "it's not what you ask for, but HOW you ask for it." In this case, is how you receive it on your end. We can get intimidated or be sensitive when we are on the receiving end. Make sure to check yourself to ensure you're not letting your emotions cloud how you receive information. 

Be so good they cant ignore you

I couldn't write a post about the advice I have received throughout my career without giving you one of my own. 2018 for me is all about pushing myself more, asking for more, less going with the flow and more speaking up. This year I want to push myself as much as I possibly can so I can be able to achieve all of my career goals for this year, and with all of that comes a lot of self-awareness

"Recognize what your REAL weakness and strengths are and learn from them."
Use your strengths to your advantage and work on bettering your weakness. 

This is not the so call weakness we tell in our interviews when we are asked what they are, I'm talking about the ones you know that can actually stop you from achieving your goals or doing a better job and so on. I'm asking you to dig deep and make a list of the good and the bad and figure out a way to use them to your advantage instead of against you.

When we are aware of our own faults nobody can use them against us. - remember that. 
This year is all about setting goals (big or small) and doing the necessary to achieve them. I'm currently living by the quote "Be so good they can't ignore you" because swimming in the ocean with a lot of other fishes, it's important for me to not be outshined. I have a printed version in my cubicle at the office to remind me of the many reasons why I need to keep working hard every day. I look up at it and I'm reminded I need to stay focus and do more even when I don't feel like it.

Not every day you're going to love what you do or the people you work with, maybe at times you might not even like them not one bit (that's fine too, girl) but remember everything you're doing now is for a better tomorrow, "whatever it is that you are watering today, will flower tomorrow."

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the 9 career advice every ambitious millennial women should know

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  1. Great post! This is very good advice, especially the part about leaving a job you may love if you aren't getting what you deserve or aren't being challenged enough. A lot of the time, whenever I leave a job, I feel partly guilty for leaving like I owe them something. But the fact of the matter is, you don't owe anyone anything, unless that person is yourself. Thanks for posting!!

    1. Yass girl, we need to learn to leave behind that guilty feeling when we leave or thinking about leaving just because we feel bad, why are we thinking about them when we should be thinking about ourselves? We come first!
      Thanks for reading!



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