January 18, 2018

What to do to get the job you want

How to get the job you want. A FREE 5-day email course that will teach you what you need to land the job you want! (click to tweet)

How many of us have been unprepared for an interview? Yes, including me. Maybe not fully unprepared, but maybe semi-unprepared, somewhat-prepared, going with the flow prepared? Whatever the stage of preparation that might be it wasn't what you should have been, FULLY PREPARED!

What about job searching? Where do you start looking, when do you stop? How do stay organized during the process? What do you include in the application, or maybe what shouldn't you include? Is it as easy as googling and hitting submit and hope for the best?

What to do to get the job you want

Let's not talk about the tedious work of creating AND updating a resume,  as well as creating a cover letter. When do you need a cover letter? How do you write a cover letter? What do you even include in a cover letter? Do you even know what a cover letter is?

How do even showcase all of your experience, hard work and education through a brief description of your previous jobs? How do you include all of this on just one page? How do you include the same information in a cover letter without repeating yourself from a resume? And how do you sell yourself enough to be able to land the interview? How do you even do it?

Well, seems like you and I had the same questions and the same struggles for that matter, and that's fine. In reality, you're in the right place and I'm glad I'm not the only one with all of these questions. I have created a 5-day email course to walk you through the process of landing the job you want and deserve, and the best part is; it's all FREE! You like that huh? I know I do.  This e-course will teach you just what you need help with and will also answer all of the questions we both just asked about and some more.

A sep by step process on how to get the job you want

So why would we take this e-course from you Ams?

First of because it's free, and let's be honest F-R-E-E information it's amazing. Second, because it's definitely the information I wish I had come across earlier, you know before the ups and downs and the mistakes and all of the googling. Plus its also information that you can look back at throughout your career.

No, I'm not an expert, but I've taken a mix of personal experiences and well-qualified resources to bring this e-course to you, and in all honesty, I've also taken a lot of tips for myself as well. So we are both benefiting from this.

Here is what you'll learn from the e-course;
  • Steps to make the job searching process easier & more accurate
  • How to create your Resume 
  • How to write a Cover Letter
  • How to prepare for the Interview
  • What to wear and not wear to the Interview
Even if you currently have a job you like or even love now, had already applied for a job or have a good resume on file, this e-course is still good for you. Why? Because I'm sharing information that you will benefit from regardless of which stage of your career you're in.

An ecourse to help you get the job you want

  • If you already have a job, still be on the lookout for what's out there so you know where to apply when the for a change comes. This e-course will remind you of the steps to take to make that change easier and accurate. 
  • If you already applied for the job you want, the e-course will teach you the steps that come after the application and how to prepare for the interview.
  • If you already have a great resume, why not learn more tips to make it better? 

Like how it all sounds, what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper and start the course TODAY!

An e-course on how to get the job you want and need

After you sign up, will you share it on Pinterest so others can find it as well?

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