June 28, 2018

top signs it's time for a career change

How to know when its time to leave your job, leave a team, leave a company, make a change?

It's time to leave your current position when you wake up in the morning and wish it was already Friday. When you snooze your alarm not because you're tired, but because you don't want to get ready to work. When calling out of work is a constant possibility running through your head in the morning.

It's time for a change when you're constantly contemplating making the actual change but haven't made the move. When your mood changes the minute you walk into the office. Or when you stopped caring about the outcomes of your mistakes or not meeting a deadline.

Sounds like you?

Today I'm talking about the top 6 signs that it's time for a Career/Job change. Checking off one of these reasons or all six of them is yet another sign it's time for the change.

6 Signs It's Time For a Career Change

1. You're Not Learning or Being Challenged

-If or when you start feeling like you know the ins and out of everything your job has to offer it might be time to make a change. You're no longer learning from your tasks, projects, or mistakes. Your job is no nothing longer providing you knowledge or new skills.

When you stop being challenged at work your best self is no longer being put to use. You are no longer pushing yourself to do and try things out of your comfort zone, which means your average self is the one showing up to work.

2. You're Not being Valued, Rewarded or Appreciated

-One of the reasons people succeed and push themselves beyond their safe point is because of the satisfaction they get after accomplishing something. It also has to do with the feeling of knowing others see the hard work and reward you for it. Hence why promotions, raises, bonuses and awards were made- to reward one's hard work and success. So when you do not receive any of these you become uninspired.

3. There's No Opportunity for Growth

-You can love a job, the team and the environment. You can even love what you do, but when there is zero opportunity to grow you are letting yourself get stuck. By staying in a job or career that will not let you move up, you are stopping yourself from greatness and any amazing possibilities the future might have for you. 

A job that cuts your wings (as cliche as it sounds) is a job that has served its purpose, teach its lessons/ experience and now it's holding you back. If you are ready for growth but can't obtain it from your current position, it's time to do some evaluation and move on to something that will let you move up once the time is right. 

And remember, you don't owe your team, company, or your job anything so don't ever think you need to stay longer in a job that will not let you grow. 

4. You Lost Excitement

-One of the reasons you snooze the alarm each morning and have the urge of calling out is because you are no longer excited about what you do. The "honeymoon" stage has run its course and you no longer feel happy about what your workday has to offer.

You're tired of the daily tasks, you're tired of the environment, and you simply just don't want to show up anymore.

When you stop getting excited about your work, you start to do things half-way, you start to put in the least amount possible. This affects not only the results of your work but also your energy in the office, how you interact with others, and the ability to stand out to your manager.

When you are tired and there's no more excitement about your job/career the job is no longer helping you and you are no longer helping your team or company. When work starts to irritate you, it's time to move on to something that expands your creativity and helps you stand out.

5. Money is Not Enough

-Money is a tough topic. We need money but we hate talking about money, and although leaving a job because the money is not enough should not be the main reason, it's certainly an important one. 

People often stay in jobs even after they are ready for more for many different reasons, some of those reasons are in fact money. But what happens when not receiving enough money is a reason to leave? Not being paid what you deserve for your hard work is definitely a good enough reason to leave a job and move on to something better.  

Your experience, your time, and knowledge is the reason why you get paid. When your current experience, time and knowledge have surpassed your current pay and there's no promotion or raise in the near future, moving on to a job that will value you should be your next step.

6. You Want More

-The most important reason why it's time for a change is when you want more. This reason ties all of the previous reasons together. Wanting more comes from wanting to learn more, to grow, to be challenged, valued, and being excited about what you do and why you do it.

Making a change is a scary thing to do. It's hard. Walking away from your comfort zone- your safe space is even harder, but it's necessary.

It takes work to make a career change because you want to make sure you make the right career change. You want to ensure the next place you move on to will fulfill you, you want to make sure it will teach you, that it will challenge you, and that it will let you grow. You also want to make sure you love what you do, that you enjoy what you do and why you do it.

If you checked off most of the signs above or all of them it might be time to sit down and do a detailed self-evaluation and figure out your next career move. The last thing you want to do is wake up years from now and realize you could have done so much more when you had the chance instead of ignoring the signs when they came along.

Making a career change takes time, work, research, and real self-evaluation. If you are ready I have the perfect thing for you.

I have created a Masterclass & workbook to guide you through the process of identifying the best career for you AND planning it too. You don't want to miss this offer. Enroll now and take control of your Career.

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