May 28, 2018

May is by far my favorite month of the year because is my birthday month. This year I celebrated my 25th birthday in style and because it's the quarter of a century I decided it was time I crossed off one of my all-time bucket list items and take a trip down to Mexico.

Because summer is around the summer, which means nice weather and vacation, here is what I wore down in Mexico during my birthday vacation.

Bathing suits

- I wore this black one-piece bathing suit from Missguided that I purchased last summer. The bathing suit gives a lot of side boob action with an open low back. Find it here for only $26 dollars.

Calvin Klein Slides

- The minute I saw this bathing suit on one of my favorite style bloggers (Amanda I honestly felt like I needed to have it. This High Leg Elastic Waist one-piece is from ASOS and is also only $26.00

- Another black bathing suit, another ASOS bathing suit. I mismatched this two-piece suit.
Bottom & Top.


- I found these pants in Tj Maxx for only $15 dollars. The style and colors gave me Japanese vibes and they were definitely the right amount of color I was going for.

- Kimonos are definitely making a come back so I had to hop on the wagon for this vacation. This orange multi-color Kimono is from Icon and can be found here for $22.00.

- By now you can see the theme I was going for; Black bathing suits & flower cover-ups. But, this cover-up is actually a Vince Camuto scarf that I found in Tj Maxx.

Morning Outfits

- I packed two maxi dresses to throw on in the morning to get breakfast. This red maxi dress is from Forever21. Similar ones here and here.

Evening Outfits

-My "birthday outfit" was this Olive green dress from Missguided. Find it here for $34.00.

-Our first night I wore this Grey Square Neck Ribbed Open back dress from Missguided for $17.00

-On our last night, I wore this grey ribbed bodysuit from Forever21 and Foral pants from Tj Maxx. Similar top here.  Pants here and here.


                -Versace VE4295                         -Oversize 67mm                 -Coin Pendant Necklace set

I didn't have a theme for my Mexico vacation, but I feel like somehow I was still able to align all of my outfits together to create a vibe for Mexico. 

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