July 27, 2017

I really enjoyed writing my Summer finds under $25 post, and since I found myself spending money on clothes yet again I decided why not do a pt 2 of my finds. The best part is all of my recent finds are even more affordable, all under TWENTY DOLLARS! And not the $19.99 trick but actually lower than $20. 

I've mentioned I'm obsessed with bodysuits for the summer because they go with everything and do some great justice to my body. I picked this bodysuit from Forever 21 on a random visit to the mall.

Green V Neck Blouse- $8.00
Primark has officially opened their second store in Boston and is only 5 minutes away from my job, so I had to stop by and check it out. This top caught my attention immediately as it's perfect for work, and a great summer color.

TJ Maxx Floral Top- $9.99
The minute I saw this top I had to have it, and at that price, it was a no brainer. I'm into simple things yet again pieces that are in or that I can mix and match with other trendy items. This top is definitely in and is definitely summer.

Primark Bell Sleeve Tops- $7.00
I don't usually go for tops like these ones but for some reason, the style caught my eyes they are just so effortless, and I thought why not? When I saw this top I immediately saw a casual Friday outfit for the office or casual date night outfit. I picked up this top both in white and gray.

Stretch Knit Pencil Skirt- $9.90
I've really been loving light colors for this summer, and I've always been a fan of pencil skirts. They can easily be dressed-up or down and you can never really have too many pencil skirts, right? Clearly, I'm not the only one feeling pink/blush this summer as Forever 21 have so many skirts in this color ALL affordable. Similar here and here.

Primark Paisley Drawstring Trouser- $11.00 (style in above picture but plain red)
My wide leg pants have to be one of my favorite summers looks so far and most of you guys clearly agreed with it- as it is still the most viewed post (thanks, guys!). If you follow me on Twitter you know that I talked about how much I loved that look and those pants for the simple fact that they are oh so comfortable and chic. Well, during my run to Primark I saw these red trousers. Funny thing is the first time I tried buying the red pair of trousers they didn't have my size. I returned a few days later and found these bad boys waiting for me. Yeap my size and they fit great. Unfortunately, the pictures I took did this pair no justice, I will have to wait until I shoot this look to show how good they actually look.

Tj Maxx Navy blue Pleated Pants- $9.99
I've mentioned before how I have been so into this pleated style and these pants found their way to me. They give me that effortless look and you can so dress them up or down and still look very street style if you will. Did I mention they fit perfectly? They hug my curves great and the length of this pair is actually to the T. All in all these pants only cost me $10 dollars, I mean I can't complain. Identical ones here and here for only $15.

H&M Black Slacks- $14.99
One of the reasons why this post is not titled "Finds under $10" is because of these slacks, but I'm not complaining. This is not the first time I picked up slacks for work from H&M, in reality, I think 80% of my slacks are from H&M. My previous black pair of slacks were over warmed and finally gave out, so the first minute I got I went and got myself another pair. You can't have too many black slacks, you can't have too many black slacks that are affordable and work for you, right?

F21 Faux Suede Sandals- $15.90
The best sixteen dollars I have ever spent have to go when I got this pair of sandals. When I say I have not taken them off I am NOT kidding. They literally go with everything; from casual to business casual. I can wear them every day and I do not care. The tiny heel it has makes them go with everything (I'm saying "everything" so much in just one paragraph), and if you are not a fan of black sandals during the summer (don't see why you wouldn't be) I recommend you to go get yourself a pair of these and come back and thank me later. Flip's hair emoji.

I always make sure to try to get sales on top of the affordable prices. Have you checked out my DEALS series? I bring you the current week sales to help you save the extra coin! Check the deals categories.

What have been your recent summer finds? Leave me a comment and let's chat.

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